Day 45,46, aaand 47: Now we’re dancing

Day 45,46, aaand 47: Now we’re dancing

On day 45 was chin ups, barbell rows, and curls – barbell and dumbbells. Nothing interesting to report. Day 3 routine always seems to be the shortest, mainly because I can’t do many chin ups. But the barbell curls and db curls are doing wonders for by biceps.

And on the 46th day I rested…

On the 47th day I nearly did too, but didn’t.

Today was a Day 1 routine, and after work as well. After work I head straight for a shower I then eat and chill out. Exercising while digesting is a bit of a no-no. To be honest, despite it being my favourite routine, I wasn’t feeling terribly enthusiastic about exercising. Maybe I am suffering from a little burn out, I don’t know. But I’ll admit, it feels more painful than enjoyable. But I push myself to the max regardless. I guess its what you would call “soldiering on”.

Nothing interesting to report, I exercised. I listened to music. I danced between sets while listening to various pop tracks. I even sing a little, and I leave the gym a little cheered up. Private goofing-off always makes me less miserable.

But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind taking some time off, maybe a week to recuperate. But we’ll see. I recently read that you should go lighter every 4-6 weeks to let your body catch up. Feels like my recovery could do with a bit of catching up. After all, it takes around a week to fully recover, and get stronger, yet I am routinely demolishing my body every 2-3 days. Maybe I will take some time off, and fill the void with cardio? Or maybe not and just rest-rest.

133 Days To Goo-o.