Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Learning how to apply eye makeup is a wonderful way to give your look some variety, color and drama. Out of the many different eye makeup tips, one that works great for evenings and parties, (or for when you want to feel especially sultry) is Smokey Eye Makeup. This works well with every complexion and eye-color, because the secret to making this look flawless is the application, and the use of the right coordinating colors. On this page, we will take you step by step through the process to create your own beautiful and flawless look, catered to your style and complexion.

Start with a Clean Face

Since this style will draw extra attention to your face, you want to make sure that you have prepared your face. Make sure to wash and moisturize your skin carefully, to make sure that it looks its best. Also, since much of the attention will be drawn to your eyes, in particular, make sure to trim and clean up your brows. Remove any stray hairs and smooth your eyebrows in place.

Eye Makeup Application First

In most cases, foundation and concealer should be applied first, but for this look we recommend that you apply the eye make up first. Why? Because if the makeup smudges or spills onto the skin below or around the eye, you will be able to clean it up without disturbing your foundation.

Choosing the Right Color

When thinking of which colors to use for this technique, most will initially go with grays or silvers. But that is just one of the many color palettes that can be used. Also, don’t feel limited to powder eye shadow, this style can also be achieved with liquid eye shadow.

Click here to see a full array of eye shadow shades

If you have decided to go with the gray/silver palette, you are in luck for these colors look good with every eye color and skin tone. But there are many other color options:

Two Shades Deeper than Your Skin Tone: This is one sure fire way to choose a base color, as you will be sure that the color coordinates well with your natural complexion.

Bronze/Copper: This color works best with brown, hazel and green eyes, and is a wonderful way to also bring some brightness to the style. Plus, if you have a habit of smudging your makeup, this palette will help you to avoid dark circles of eye shadow under your eyes.

Purple: This shade works for a more limited group of individuals. It is great for those who have hazel and brown eyes. Rich plum colors are your best bet, since true purple can be too powerful and bright when covering your entire eyelid.

Blue: This is a shade that most women avoid, but actually, it works beautifully on brown or blue eyes. Just like purple, don’t go with true blue, but instead use a deep blue, like navy, and mix it with a slate gray tone. Together these colors are sure to make your blue or brown eyes pop.

Eye Shadow Technique

The first shade that you should apply to your eyelids will be the lightest color of the palette you have chosen. Begin by applying it on the crease of your eyelid and smooth out the edges. Then apply a sweep of the shade on the bottom lid, blending it as well. (You may want to avoid this step last step when using either blue or purple eye shadow).

Brushes to help you apply eye shadow:

  • Ecotools Bamboo Eye Brush Set - Find it here
  • Shany Professional Makeup Brush Set - More info here


Now its time to apply eyeliner. The choice of eyeliner is up to you and will depend on the color palette that you are using. If you are going with the traditional gray/silver palette, then you will probably want to use black eyeliner. If you are using other colors, then line your eyes with the darkest color of the palette. Eyeliner can be applied either with an eyeliner brush or by using a soft pencil. These two are the best for creating that smudgy, smoky look. When lining with a pencil, line the inner rim of your lids. And when lining with the brush, try to create the line in between the eyelashes, on the lid.

Creating the Shadows

After applying the eyeliner, now you want to brush the darkest shade of the eye shadow over your eyeliner to set it and also to accentuate the line. You can also choose to blend a little bit of the dark shade into your crease, making sure to smudge and blend it well.

Finish with Eye Mascara

Now you are done and all that is left to do is to apply a coat of eye mascara. Remember to keep the rest of your makeup (like lipstick, blush, etc.) light otherwise, the overall look will be too heavy.

Some mascaras one may wish to check out:

  • Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara
  • Blinc Mascara
  • Maybelline Stylist Washable Mascara
  • Covergirl Natureluxe Mousse Mascara

We hope that the above mentioned smokey eyes makeup technique has given you some inspiration to try this look out for yourself. How to put on eye makeup is not always an easy task and will take practice. But once you have mastered these application tips we are sure that you will enjoy wearing this sexy look at your next party. To help complete your look, check out lipstick cosmetics tips on choosing the best lipstick, and also manicure tips to help you get beautiful and healthy nails at home. This is just one makeup technique, please feel free to share with us your own ideas and tricks.

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